Roger H. Hartmann (EFPA Luxembourg) : Leading Financial Education

EFPA Luxembourg, a leader in financial education and certification, serves over 94,000 certified members in Europe. CSSF-certified, they offer diverse certification levels to meet financial practitioners’ needs, fostering competence and excellence.


Can you describe your company in a few words ?

EFPA Luxembourg Asbl, a member of the EFPA Europe community, provides since 2021 a professional Certification to all the Financial Advisors taking care of the needs of Private Clients. Created more than twenty years ago, we have in Europe more than 94’000 certified members, which makes us the market leader in financial education. We are certified locally by CSSF, and we have four levels of certification (EIA, EIP, EFA and EFP), which allow us to adapt ourselves to the various needs of the practitioners, who are working from the core affluent segment right up to the single or multi-family office market. We do also offer an EFPA ESG Advisor Certificate, which guarantees a good standard of expertise in sustainability matters. A main differentiator of EFPA is its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework, where our certified professionals have to further learn and improve via compulsory annual learning sessions. 


“The challenge is therefore not to be underestimated.”


How are your customers’ expectations changing and how are you adapting to
them ? 

The major shift which happened 15 years ago was the end of the banking secrecy, where we had to move from a niche of sovereignty into a niche of competence. We are therefore strongly aligned to the standards of “Knowledge & Skills” described by ESMA. What we do observe is the obvious increase in competence within the various European Domestic Markets, where EFPA is historically strongly rooted. I remain deeply convinced that the Luxembourgish Client Advisor needs to be better equipped than the Domestic Private Banker, as he has to demonstrate the added-value of an International and cross-border advisory. The challenge is therefore not to be underestimated. We have to adapt our offering between the requirements of the employers, who want above all to be compliant with the standards given by ESMA and CSSF, and learning-driven professionals who want to stay fit for the job until their retirement or even beyond. 


What is your company’s vision for the next 5 years ? 

We want to be a major player in the war for talents, one of the most strategic issue between now and 2030. We are strongly dedicated to bring to our financial center a best in class Certification adapted to the various needs of our practitioners. We want to promote Luxembourg within the European Talent Pool represented by the Master Students. Our Know-How, Expertise and Network should facilitate the arrival and the installation of these talents in the Grand-Duchy. We also expect to deliver state-of-art Thought Leadership via our two annual conferences, one on Sustainability matters, and one on Wealth Management, which remains the DNA of EFPA. More focused and shorter events are also on our agenda, bringing added value to our participants, to our partners, and to the financial center at large. Finally, our EFPA ESG Handbook, with its European distribution, should continue to be the reference book on Sustainability matters, written by practitioners for practitioners. 

The future of Luxembourg remains deeply liked to high quality advice to our end clients, and we want to contribute actively and in a humble way to this goal.