NVIDIA: Envisioning A.I

Visiting from his home in Taiwan, Jensen Huang’s father loved America so much that he sent his children to be educated in the US. Seizing the opportunities America offers immigrants, Jensen founded NVIDIA. Now the multibillion-dollar company leads the world in the…


Blackrock: Having a Crypto Whale of Time

The world’s biggest investor, Blackrock, bided its time: Blowing hot and cold over the relevance of cryptocurrencies. It watched from the sidelines as the market matured from a narrow interest among “amateur” enthusiasts and crooks. Now, the launch of its well-received cryptocurrency…


Andy Schleck : Gear Up for Excellence

In the heart of Itzig, Luxembourg, Andy Schleck Cycles emerges as a beacon for cycling enthusiasts. Founded in 2014 by the renowned pro cyclist Andy Schleck, this establishment transcends the conventional bike shop, offering a rich tapestry of cycling culture and community.…