Christian Jung (d’Coque): keeping up with ever-changing needs

The National Sports and Cultural Center – more commonly known as “d’Coque” thanks to its shell-shaped exterior – is the largest sports complex in Luxembourg, with an area of 60,000 square meters. The Center contains several sports halls and swimming pools.

 What make d’Coque special?

 Plenty! While much of the Coque is open to the public, the infrastructures are also heavily used by sports federations, schools, professional sports athletes and companies. Some of these users benefit for daily training or classes, while others use it for competitions and events. A special feature is certainly our architecture, which is expressed in our well-known domes. Another interesting feature is the diversity of our users, with the Luxembourg sports federations and schools representing the largest part of this. In addition, we are home to the High Performance Training & Recovery Center (HPTRC), which is designed for Luxembourg’s elite athletes, offering them top-of-the-line equipment, including performance diagnostic tools, a hypoxia chamber, and advanced training machines. Of course, the Coque is very well known for its large aquatic center, climbing wall, fitness center, wellness area and plenty of sports and fitness classes for every level, from people who are just getting into exercise all the way to fitness junkies. Aside from sports, we also have a restaurant and a hotel, which is great for visitors who are looking for accommodation conveniently located in the middle of Kirchberg, within walking distance of EU institutions and the financial district. On top of all that, the Coque has various rooms and spaces that are perfect for meetings and other events, both small and large. Around 60 events, mainly sports-related, take place every year. But cultural events are also regularly hosted at the Coque.

” We want to establish the Coque as a major sports destination in Europe”


How are your customers’ needs evolving?

The needs of our customers have changed quite a bit in recent years, so to keep up, we are constantly adapting our range of offers and optimizing the infrastructure in accordance with the customer’s needs. Every year, we try to expand our range of classes, whether they include fitness, aquatic, climbing or other sports. Another thing that has grown is the diversity of our customer base, so we continually expand our offerings to make sure there is a specific offer for everyone, regardless of age or level: from classes for babies and small children to wellness and recreation for older generations. Regarding B2B activities, our clients have shown a strong interest in digital and hybrid events, especially during Covid-19. To meet this growing need, we installed for example a streaming video technology in our amphitheater.


How do you see the National Sports and Cultural Center evolving in the next five years?

The Coque will always need to grow to keep up with customers’ needs and wants. Of course, we will uphold our core mission, which is to promote sport in Luxembourg, especially at the school and federation level. This is what we do every day, and at the Coque, we are committed to offering athletes the best possible training and competition conditions. We also want to develop further in other areas, such as organizing even more international high-level events. In this field, we want to establish the Coque as a major sports destination and put it on the European map. Last but not least, we will also constantly expand our services and offerings for the general public and adapt to their individual needs and demands