Andy Schleck : Gear Up for Excellence

In the heart of Itzig, Luxembourg, Andy Schleck Cycles emerges as a beacon for cycling enthusiasts. Founded in 2014 by the renowned pro cyclist Andy Schleck, this establishment transcends the conventional bike shop, offering a rich tapestry of cycling culture and community.

What distinguishes Andy Schleck Cycles from others in the industry?


Andy Schleck Cycles serves as a testament to a passion for cycling, transcending mere commerce to become a community hub for cyclists of every level. From novices to seasoned racers, patrons discover not only the finest selection of bicycles—including family-friendly cargo bikes, high-end race machines, and a comprehensive range of cycling gear—but also a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This dedication to personal service ensures that each visitor’s experience remains unparalleled, committed to fostering a cycling culture that values sustainability, performance, and style. The vision extends beyond selling products; it aims to nurture a lifestyle that embraces eco-conscious choices and celebrates the joy of cycling. At Andy Schleck Cycles, pride in the ability to connect with clients is paramount, offering them a unique blend of expertise, care, and excellence.


How do you manage to meet the evolving needs of its customers?


The approach to customer service sets this establishment apart. In an era of ever-changing expectations, the commitment to not just meet but exceed these demands stands firm. The ethos—“nothing to buy, but everything to sell”—captures the dedication to delivering experiences, not just products. The team, fueled by a genuine love for cycling and a collective drive for excellence, forms the cornerstone of success. Belief in the power of passion ensures that it resonates with customers, transforming every visit into an unforgettable experience. This commitment to excellence and teamwork ensures that Andy Schleck Cycles is more than a store; it’s a destination where customer satisfaction is woven into the fabric of every interaction.



“Every purchase is an investment in performance, style, and eco-conscious choices.”


Looking ahead, what does the future hold?


The next five years promise exciting growth and deeper community engagement. The vision encompasses not just expansion but becoming an inseparable part of the local and broader community. By staying grounded in hard work and passion, the aim is to welcome diverse communities into the fold. The commitment is to maintain the essence while embracing new opportunities, ensuring that growth enhances, rather than dilutes, the connection with the community. The aspiration is to be more than a business; it aims to be a vital community partner, enriching lives and fostering a culture of inclusivity and warmth.