America’s Cup: Team US, Preparing for Magic

Bouncing back from a setback in the second Preliminary Regatta in Jeddah, America’s America Cup team is doubling down. They are ensuring the boats and teams are properly prepared. They have embarked on two-boat testing and their boat, “American Magic” has arrived in Barcelona where it is being prepared for commissioning.

What is driving the American America’s Cup preparation?

The great American inventor, Thomas Edison said, “Good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” That sentiment was being reflected by the American America’s Cup team after coming fourth out to the six challengers in the second Preliminary Regatta of the 37th America’s Cup in Jeddah. American Magic’s helm, Paul Goodison, issued his own challenge by saying “It is defeats that make you stronger.” The team’s President of Sailing Operations and skipper of American Magic, Terry Hutchinson, added that “Winning hides a lot of things, and losing unfolds some of that.” He urged his shore team, “To make sure that the boats are perfectly prepared.” The team still has time to perfect preparation before the Official Opening Ceremony in August.

How will American Magic’s team double down with two-boat testing?

The ultimate test for the New York Yacht Club entry, American Magic, will be the America’s Cup Match starting in October. However, preparing for the preliminary races that will be settled beforehand could prove equally important. For Terry Hutchinson, it is time to bounce back after the spectacular crash in the Prada Cup preliminary race to the 36thAmerica’s Cup in 2021. It is the type of event that two-boat testing can help to avoid. To evaluate different design concepts, sailing techniques, and equipment configurations in real-world conditions, the team has embarked on two-boat testing in the lead-up to the Barcelona standoff. This involves deploying two AC40 foiling monohulls simultaneously for a series of highly demanding training sessions. Having two boats on the water, the team can compare performance and quantify differences to provide valuable insights for optimization strategies. Two-boat testing allows teams to refine their sailing skills, and experiment with different strategies. This opportunity to fine-tune their boats plays a vital role in maximizing their chances of success on race days.

“Winning hides a lot of things, and losing unfolds some of that”

How does American Magic prepare for its journey?

An insight into the level of preparation is the construction and transportation of American Magic. Built in Rhode Island, “Boat Three” as it is called, was loaded into an Antonov AN124, one of the world’s largest cargo planes, for its transatlantic flight to Barcelona. Shipping the vessel marks the culmination of months of effort, planning, and teamwork by the American Magic boatbuilding and design teams. Logistics aside, the team poured over 70,000 hours into crafting the race yacht to the highest standards. With the arrival of Boat Three in Barcelona, the next phase of American Magic’s journey begins. The boat will undergo rigorous testing and tuning as the team prepares to commission American Magic ahead of its unveiling later this spring.