2024 LuxembourgOfficial Top150

November 12th, 2024

Cercle Cité

The LuxembourgOfficial Top150 event has been established to recognize the top 150 Luxembourgish companies that make a significant contribution to the economic development of Luxembourg.


The awards are based on objective criteria, including number of employees, solvency ratio analysis, profit performance based on www.LBR.lu balance sheets and funds raised.We work with hard data and without sponsors to reduce biais as much as possible.

Do not miss the 3rd edition of this exciting event!

To purchase your tickets, kindly proceed with the following steps:

1. Complete the form provided below

2. ⁠Buy your tickets

Please transfer 350€ to :
BGL BNP Paribas
LU53 0030 0715 3277 0000 (BIC : BGLLLULL)

In case you want to receive an invoice from 360Crossmedia, please specify the name of the person or the company, to whom it should be addressed, references to be mentioned on the invoice and post/e-mailing address.

3. Registration confirmed

Upon receipt of the transfer, your registration for the event will be confirmed.


 Thank you and welcome to the Luxembourg Official Top 150!