LuxembourgOfficial – Julien Lucas, La Villa de Camille et Julien

La Villa de Camille & Julien: Flying the Flag for Hospitality in Luxembourg 


Julien Lucas, Chef Restaurateur at La Villa de Camille & Julien, describes his progress from working at prestigious restaurants to earning his first Michelin Star. He welcomed government support during COVID but it highlighted the need for more flexibility in aid to restaurateurs to encourage greater promotion and support from marketing and media professionals. 


What was your journey to running La Villa de Camille and Julien? 


My career began at the age of 16 in Paris with the opening of Joël Robuchon’s restaurant. I then worked at the Bristol when they had two Michelin stars under Éric Fréchon, followed by Robuchon in Monaco, Spoon in London, Chalain, Ducasse, and the opening of Four Seasons in Bora Bora, where I met my wife. After returning to Luxembourg, I worked for three years, including at the Lion d’Or in Strassen and other prestigious venues before earning my first Michelin star at the Auberge de la Paume in Chantilly, and then settling in Luxembourg. We opened our restaurant on June 9, 2020, right after the COVID lockdowns. 


What influences do you draw on to inspire your guests? 


We named it the Villa de Camille and Julien because we welcome guests as if they were coming to our home. We rely on our skills and experience to achieve simplicity. The decor includes cozy little lounges with tables well-spaced apart, ensuring guests feel comfortable. Our service is attentive yet unpretentious, and our cuisine is straightforward but focuses on bold flavors. For example, we currently offer a dish with Saint-Jacques scallops, dill puree, and barbecued butternut squash, emphasizing clear, strong tastes. We have between 28 and 32 covers, depending on the setup. To ensure convenience for our guests, despite the impression of limited parking space, we offer parking in the lot across the street with additional parking nearby. 


“Even as a Michelin-starred establishment, we didn’t receive the spotlight we hoped for” 

As an entrepreneur, what has been your experience in opening your restaurant, especially during challenging times? 


It was difficult, particularly during and after COVID and being newcomers to Luxembourg. We managed to navigate through thanks in part to some government support. Generally, restaurants must fend for themselves in terms of marketing. However, the experience highlighted the lack of aid to the hospitality industry. Even as a Michelin-starred establishment, we didn’t receive the spotlight we hoped for. This led us to conclude that there is a need for greater flexibility in the aid restaurateurs receive to achieve better promotion and support from media and marketing professionals. We aim to promote Luxembourg as a destination and would appreciate more support to achieve this.