Gregory Nain (DataThings) : Empowering Data Solutions for a Dynamic Future

DataThings is a pioneering data processing software company, dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for businesses across various sectors. With a strong emphasis on efficiency and data security, their proprietary technology, GreyCat®, streamlines the deployment of analytics solutions, catering to evolving customer needs. As they look towards international expansion, DataThings remains committed to empowering organizations to unlock the potential of their data for actionable insights and sustainable development.

1.    Can you describe your company in a few words? 


DataThings is a data processing software company. We develop and edit data processing software solutions with a strong focus on efficiency and protection. GreyCat®, our own data processing technology, supports this endeavor and shortens the time necessary to deploy a dedicated analytics solution, from its specification to its operational availability. Our expertise covers a full range of activities, including data aggregation, storage, modeling, cleaning, analytics and machine learning, as well as integration in production systems or development of web-based user interfaces, and is complemented with consultancy and training to help organizations grow their skills in data-related topics, and increase their autonomy on these topics. 




“Dedicated data solutions pave the way for informed decision-making and sustainable growth in the digital age.”


2.    How are your customers’ expectations changing and how are you adapting to them? 


DataThings delivers solutions made to measure to address our clients’ challenges with a high level of efficiency and data protection thanks to the use of GreyCat. Because our field of expertise is wide, we can support companies at various stages of adoption of data-oriented decision-making solutions. Some clients need to organize the collection of their data. Others have data but no proper means to process them without renting large computing infrastructures. Some have given their data an internal first try and need support to go further in analytics or make them less expensive in time and computation infrastructure. In the last years, more attention in paid to the costs of data processing solutions, both in terms of money and energy. Data protection is also a first level topic to ensure users’ privacy and keep competitive advantage.  




3.    What is your company’s vision for the next 5 years? 


Since its incorporation, DataThings is committed to deliver efficient solutions to challenges from the field. Our expertise grew and became stronger while deploying solutions to various industries such as banks, insurances, manufacturing industries with product lines, smart electricity distribution grids, water distribution infrastructures, or steel industry. We envision to grow our activities internationally, through the commercial development, amongst others, of our product Alva for smart grids management and explore how GreyCat can support other domains of activities where analysis of data is made challenging by the complexity of interactions between components in time and/or space. We are eager to explore new domains, address new challenges and use our expertise to support any company wondering how to leverage their data and transform them into actionable insights.