Davide Martucci, CEO & Co-Founder (Next Gate Tech): Pioneering Innovation in Fund Operations for a Tech-Driven Future”

Next Gate Tech stands as a trailblazing fintech company dedicated to transforming fund operations. At the forefront of innovation, our commitment lies in revolutionizing the industry through cutting-edge technology.


Can you describe your company in a few words?

Next Gate Tech is a leading fintech company committed to revolutionizing the fund operations industry. Our technology is a catalyst for operational excellence, gathering, harmonizing, and enriching portfolio data. This empowers our clients to not only make informed decisions but to excel through advanced insights and analytics. In a world demanding regulatory compliance and transparency, we make data quality our top priority. Our comprehensive SaaS platform covers a broad spectrum of fund management facets, from data handling to oversight, reconciliation, and reporting. We pride ourselves in simplifying complex processes, automating repetitive tasks, and providing valuable analytics and insights through our web dashboard.



How are your customers’ expectations changing and how are you adapting to them?

Our clients’ expectations are evolving in sync with the fast-paced tech landscape. They seek near real-time, error-free, and data-driven solutions, demanding a radical shift from legacy practices. At Next Gate Tech, we adapt by relentless innovation. Our platform integrates cutting-edge AI and analytics, pioneered in partnership with Google, elevating data quality, automation, and oversight. This means seamless NAV Oversight, Risk Oversight, ESG Oversight, and Portfolio Manager Oversight, all with a keen eye on compliance.Our success is rooted in a client-centric approach. We stay closely aligned, co-evolving our solutions to meet their dynamic needs and the ever-shifting regulatory landscape. Next Gate Tech is the transformation partner for an industry on the cusp of a tech revolution.



“Transforming Fund Operations with Data-Driven Excellence”




What is your company’s vision for the next 5 years? 

In the upcoming years, we have a clear vision of pioneering innovation in fund operations. Our primary goal is to expand our global presence and ensure more companies have access to our transformative solutions. Through our strategic collaboration with tech leaders, we’re rapidly infusing AI-driven insights into the fund operations landscape, focusing on elevating data quality, operational efficiency, and compliance standards.Our vision revolves around redefining industry norms, and we believe this transformation will happen sooner than we anticipate. We foresee our platform handling even more substantial assets and data volumes, reinforcing our position as a pivotal industry player.In line with this vision, we’re actively expanding our library of signals, insights, and analytics. Our path is set to lead us toward real-time and self-service intelligence, elevating our platform’s capabilities. We aim to enhance the descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive layers across all segments of our application, ensuring that every operation benefits from advanced data-driven decision-making.