Damien Nussbaum and Ali Gunduz (Trustmoore) : the power of tailor-made financial solutions

Trustmoore is a global provider of Fund Services, Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services, Private Wealth Solutions and Corporate Expansion Services. They show the power of tailor-made financial solutions for global businesses.


Can you present your company in a few words?

  • A strong focus on developing bespoke solutions;

  • Fostering long-term relationships;

  • Presence in key financial hubs worldwide.

Trustmoore’s commitment to excellence and personalized connections is evident in its comprehensive range of services tailored to support businesses across diverse industries. From company formation and SPV management to fund administration, accounting, payroll, and compliance services Trustmoore empowers organizations to focus on their core operations while navigating the regulatory complexities of the world’s financial centers. Trustmoore teams blend profound expertise with an unwavering focus on clients, as a trusted partner for clients seeking reliable Fund Services, Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services, Private Wealth Solutions or Corporate Expansion services.


 How are your customers’ needs evolving? 

Trustmoore navigates the evolving administration landscape for their clients. They take the responsibility of managing and administering structures on behalf their clients, including asset managers and corporate investment banks. The administration industry has drastically evolved over the past decade, shifting from a primarily transactional activity to a highly complex and regulated environment. With a proactive stance on corporate governance, local substance requirements, compliance, and transparency, Trustmoore adds significant value to clients, ensuring they can focus on their business while Trustmoore handles the regulatory complexities.


How do you see your company evolving in the next 5 years?

Trustmoore was founded on core values and remains powered by expertise. It was founded in 2005 in Curaçao by its three founders, who remain actively involved today. Trustmoore prides itself on a diverse workforce comprising 265 talented professionals from 36 nationalities across 13 jurisdictions—a testament to their continued growth and global reach. While their Funds Services and Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services teams stand as pivotal pillars for future growth, Trustmoore’s solid foundation in Corporate Expansion and Private Wealth Solutions remains unwavering. Preserving their boutique style approach for the growing global Fund Services and Capital Markets Services teams, remains central to their future strategy. As a management-owned entity, Trustmoore is capable of anticipating and swiftly adapting to the rapidly changing needs of their clients. At Trustmoore, the commitment to clients’ success remains the key to their own success.