Charly Rohart, CEO & founder (RCDevs Security): Shaping the Future of IT Security Through Innovation

With 18 years of expertise, RCDevs Security emerges as a distinguished IT security specialist. Focused on next-gen multi-factor authentication and Public Key Infrastructure, the company delivers cutting-edge solutions encompassing IAM, NAC, SSO, and Electronic Signature. Serving 900+ clients across 60 countries, RCDevs prioritizes cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology backed by professional services.




Can you describe your company in a few words?

RCDevs Security is an award-winning IT security specialist with 18 years’ experience.
At RCDevs, we specialize in next-generation multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based on a zero trust approach, offering continuously improving all-in-one solutions that encompass Identity and Access Management (IAM), Network Access Control (NAC), Single Sign-On (SSO), and Electronic Signature. We serve clients across the globe, with more than 900 clients in over 60 countries and 1,000,000 end-users. Our clientele ranges from SMEs to large corporations across sectors such as IT, finance, healthcare, and government. Our primary objective is to equip clients seeking robust IT security solutions with cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology, supported by professional services. That’s why a substantial portion of our activities is dedicated to R&D, ensuring that we stay ahead of market expectations in an ever-evolving technological, regulatory, and cyber-risk landscape.

“We are innovating today for a secure digital tomorrow”

How are your customers’ expectations changing and how are you adapting to them?

We closely observed two major shifts in our customers’ expectations: enhanced security for remote working and growing regulatory compliance expectation, which led us to release new features and services. Since the COVID crisis, remote work has become a new long-term normal, posing new security risks as employees now access company systems from diverse locations. Our products, already adept for remote operations and particularly in enhancing VPN security, now include a significant innovation in this area: “Presence-Based Logical Access”, a new conditional access approach. Combining a digital time clock and a security token, it allows employees to badge in and out from their mobile phone. This way, network access is only permitted to authorized employees at approved locations and times. It significantly reduces the attack surface for cybercriminals, offering a first-of-its-kind security solution in both HR and IT area. Additionally, our new “Agreement-Based Logical Access” addresses both Compliance and Legal needs, by managing and verifying eIDAS compliant e-signed contracts to open access to sensitive data.
 Finally, as physical distance between people has led to the remote signing of contracts, we leveraged our experience in cryptography to develop a very affordable electronic signature platform called YumiSign.




What is your company’s vision for the next 5 years?

In the next five years, we anticipate a shift in IAM solutions to become more identity centric. Whether it’s Consumer IAM (CIAM) or Workforce IAM (WIAM), working with users who have verified identities will become essential. Consequently, we foresee a market trend towards solutions that fusion IAM with Identity Verification (IDV). Moreover, advancements in AI, while exciting in so many ways, introduce new cybersecurity risks. The likelihood of emerging AI-powered cyber threats, such as advanced brute-force attacks, malware, or phishing attacks enhanced by real-time behavioral analysis and image generation, is significantly increasing. Considering this, traditional methods like facial recognition, commonly used in IDV systems, may soon be compromised by deepfake technology. Therefore, we continue to prioritize what we believe are the most secure tools: cryptographic KYC and verification of users’ physical presence to establish trust.