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SuisseTechPartners: Enhancing Wealth Management with Cloud-Native Technology

Frédéric Pérard joined SuisseTechPartners (STP) to work for a fintech offering products with the capacity not only to seamlessly facilitate cloud-based solutions for the wealth and asset management industry, but that could meet the sector’s needs through the opportunities offered by its evolving technology.

Why did you decide to join SuisseTechPartners?

For my last operational position, I wanted to be in the shoes of a real entrepreneur with real empowerment, short chains for decision making and a partnership approach. STP operates in my area of expertise – asset servicing in the wealth and asset management sector. Joining STP gave me the chance to run developing activities in a complex, matrixed organization in a fintech. It also gave me the opportunity to contribute to products with the capacity to evolve and serve clients in the key domains of the industry. I was attracted by the prospect of working with Mrs. Van Ta who is one of the best systems’ architects in the financial industry.

How is cloud-native technology impacting the financial industry?

Cloud-native technology, like Mrs. Van Ta’s new platform PMplus, is revolutionizing the financial industry. Using open-source and modern languages to develop software makes it more efficient and cheaper. Users gain access to the software via a hardware-agnostic model (PC, tablet or mobile phone) using the SaaS mode (software as a service) as well as the web. This is particularly attractive with the growth of remote working. The technology not only speeds up the time between an idea and its implementation but also allows users to collaborate with the developers to manage the software’s evolution and the continuous availability of new versions of the application. Its use on the public or private cloud reduces the cost of running the application and makes the onboarding of additional activities easily scalable.

How are you helping your clients to grow their businesses?

PMplus is a real cloud-native application. Plain vanilla clients can implement it “out of the box” and it swiftly allows the migration of existing businesses or the onboarding of new clients. PMplus has a unique database and functional richness that includes the widest range of asset classes. This offers great consistency across its architecture facilitating unified processes, as well as providing front, middle and back office needs by replacing legacy applications. PMplus’s cloud-native nature allows clients to use only a specific function within existing architecture or replace a particular component among legacy applications. Clients, their cloud provider and STP can collaborate in the rapid development of new functions.

“Its use on the public or private cloud reduces the cost of running the application and makes the onboarding of additional activities easily scalable. “