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Arnab Naskar (STOKR): Connecting investors to innovative businesses

“STOKR changes the way current capital markets work, optimizes the process, and reduces middlemen using the blockchain as a register for the record-keeping of investors data and transaction information,” says Arnab Naskar, Co-founder and Business Lead at STOKR. He explains us the way their technology serve the market.


Can you present your company in a few words?

STOKR is the EU’s leading primary issuance marketplace for tokenized securities, where smart investors connect with fund innovative businesses. STOKR operates out of Luxembourg and provides entrepreneurs with the full suite of technical deployment, investment structuring, and compliance support for the issuance of EU-compliant digital securities. Such digital securities are issued on the blockchain and can be custodied by the investors in their blockchain wallets. We are connecting the world of traditional finance with web 3. The past year was truly remarkable for us because we helped companies to raise over $50 million in funding, and pioneered issuances of new asset classes like Bitcoin hash-rate denominated securities that raised over $44 million to date. We are very proud of our achievement and glad that we can connect investors with opportunities to invest in high-profile companies such as the Blockstream, Infinite Fleet without going through the middlemen or brokers.


How exactly are you innovative?

STOKR changes the way current capital markets work, optimizes the process, and reduces middlemen using the blockchain as a register for the record-keeping of investors data and transaction information. Furthermore, STOKR is innovating and bringing the new alternative asset classes like tokenized bitcoin mining hashrate, and tokenized investment fund to both professional and retail investors. We revolutionize and simplify the process. Today investors can be their own custodians of securities assets and have real ownership to hold their securities assets in their blockchain wallets. No brokers or custodians are required. This is not a future talk, but it is already happening today and we are part of it. Every issuance of STOKR is structured from Luxembourg as we believe Luxembourg has the right corporate laws to structure tokenized securities. Unlike many European countries, Luxembourg allows issuers to manage their own investor register which provides the necessary flexibility for companies to manage their investor register on the blockchain. In simple words, a blockchain is the ideal immutable database that can store data and record transactions on a real-time basis. Therefore, this flexibility of managing the investor register on the blockchain creates a new opportunity for many Luxembourgish issuers to issue their securities in a fully tokenized manner. I would say Luxembourg can lead the European adoption of securities tokenization.


How do you see your company evolving in the next 2 years?

Everyone at STOKR believes in better living through innovation and our mission is to create a leading marketplace where everyone is empowered to invest in alternative assets. We are aiming to have over Billion tokenized assets on STOKR by the end of 2023. As a primary issuance marketplace our current focus is on integrating with various digital securities exchanges and enabling them to have STOKR supported digital securities. Already we have partnered with exchanges like Bitfinex Securities, INX, MERJ, and many more in the pipeline.


“Luxembourg is a leader in the current web2 based capital markets and it has every capacity to lead the web3 based future capital markets and STOKR will be instrumental in that”