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Isabelle Lebbe: E-learning – an efficient tool for legal and regulatory distance training

Based on our experience over the last several years at Arendt Institute, training is very important and sometimes mandatory in the legal and regulatory fields. It can be quite constraining for entities to provide this mandatory training, and e-learning may be the most suitable tool to make sure each employee gets updated or, if need be, certified.

Arendt Institute completes its range of training solutions with e-learning

Most companies in any sector have a growing need for availability and flexibility of their staff. E-learning is the perfect way to address this need. It is also a considerable gain for our clients abroad who regularly need training on Luxembourg legal and regulatory issues. Arendt Institute has therefore decided to expand the training solutions offered in this respect and has worked together with Thomson Reuters to offer a high quality training level.

 Arendt & Medernach and Thomson Reuters join forces

The idea behind this partnership is to combine Arendt & Medernach’s local Luxembourg market expertise with Thomson Reuters’ global capabilities in regulatory intelligence. Through this combination, Arendt Institute can now address market actors who are increasingly under pressure, and can offer them tailored e-learning solutions. This partnership will benefit from local, up-to-date content incorporated into an agile e-learning platform with technical capabilities that allow for dynamic customisation and delivery of e-learning to clients. Both companies strive to meet clients’ needs and to satisfy as many current and potential customers as possible. The technology used for this e-learning platform offers avant-garde digital solutions which permit easy access and constant monitoring of participants’ progress. Indeed, a system of reporting enables the person in charge of the training to verify whether the e-learning has been validated by the participants, as well as the number of correct answers obtained in the final test.

Adapting training courses to all markets’ needs

Our partnership with Thomson Reuters allows us to offer practical, interactive, customisable and cost-effective training courses, which assist in changing behaviour and supporting a culture of integrity and compliance. Our e-learning library courses will cover leading compliance topics in today’s regulatory environment, including a robust Anti-Money Laundering training course. This course will help employees within the investment fund industry to become familiar with the process of the prevention of money laundering. Stéphane Badey, Member of the Management Committee of Arendt Regulatory Solutions, our sister company specialised in regulatory advice, played an active role in the development of this training course. “E-learning is the most efficient way for entities to be trained on regulatory subjects. It is innovative, quick and focuses on very pragmatic aspects,” explains Stéphane Badey. This is only a start, albeit a very promising one, and there is no shortage of new ideas for subjects amongst the Arendt Institute team!